The total solar eclipse is expected to bring 8,000 Airbnb guests to Idaho.

Jasmine Mora, a spokeswoman for the short-term rental company, says that’s the most guests coming into Idaho than ever before. That’s including smaller towns and cities.

"We're seeing a huge increase in Weiser for the night of the eclipse,” Mora said.

Mora says right now they are expecting 86 guests in Weiser the night before the eclipse. That doesn’t sound like a huge number, but compared to the week before the company is only expecting one guest. Something that can help in areas with limited hotels.

“The great thing about Airbnb is that we're able to fill this need in the community and a lot of our hosts on top of that are able to make money,” she said.

Residents are taking notice.

"We have the room and there's a lot of people coming to town and there's not going to be a place for them to stay,” Rhonda Cannon said.

She decided to give it a shot. Cannon is a first-time rental host listing rooms in her home on Airbnb, But she’s only doing it for the eclipse.

"It's not something I'm going to do all the time,” Cannon said. “But this is a rare occasion and a special event so we thought we'd take advantage of it. When it's over it's over and everything goes back to normal."