BOISE - It was graduation day for a handful of wild horses rounded up by the BLM and turned over to local 4-H clubs for training.

Since February, members from 4-H Clubs from around the Treasure Valley have trained their mustangs to lead, load in a horse trailer and pick up their feet.

On Sunday, seven horses were auctioned off for adoption at the Ford Idaho Horse Park in Nampa.

The adoption money raised is given back to the 4-H clubs making it a win-win for wild horse management and also making for great experience for the kids.

"The 4-H clubs and members pour their heart and souls into this project and I want to give them a big thanks because ultimately this is all about them and what the kids get out of this project," said Raul Trevino, with the Boise District BLM. "Its all about the kids and I hope it's a great experience for everybody."

Since the beginning of the partnership between the BLM and the University of Idaho's 4-H extension program, every young horse that has been trained has been adopted into a good home amounting to nearly $30,000 for local 4-H groups.