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Ada County commissioners raise concerns about bills to ease property taxes

Ada County leaders are not sold on the proposals introduced at the Statehouse this week.
Credit: KTVB

BOISE, Idaho — Several measures that aim to ease the burden of property taxes on homeowners were introduced at the Statehouse this week.

One of the bills would freeze the percentage of property taxes for the year.

Another would cap property taxes at a 3 percent annual increase.

Rising housing costs are leading to concerns across the state, especially in the Treasure Valley.

But Ada County leaders aren't quite sold on these proposals just yet.

State-mandated services provided by the countylike courts, law enforcement and the DMV receive a portion of their funding from property taxes.

With a growing population, commissioners of Idaho's most-populated county feel these proposals might do more harm, than good.

“It's really important for us for them to understand what our challenges are when we have state mandates. What does that mean for us when we try to fulfill those?” said Commissioner Diana Lachiondo.

“So we don't really have a lot of wiggle room on whether to provide those service or not. It's what level of service the public is OK with,” said Commissioner Kendra Kenyon.

So what's the next step when it comes to these bills?

A sit down with state legislators to address the needs of the county and the taxpayers who fund it.  

The county believes if these current proposals were to pass those infamous wait times at the DMV could get even longer.

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