As the Treasure Valley continues to rapidly grow, the Ada County Highway District is aiming to make the community more accessible for Boise's large cycling community.

The latest effort involves creating a safer and less busy commute for cyclists along Broadway, without having to ride alongside traffic on the major street.

"There's a lot of cycling activity in that area in general," says Nicole DuBois, a spokeswoman for ACHD.

There is a lot of traffic as well due to Broadway being the major north-to-south street in that area.

"And that street is anything but bike friendly, Leadville corridor provides a low stress network, connections north and south along the Broadway corridor without actually asking the cyclists to be on Broadway itself," says Dave Fotsch, director, Boise Green Bike.

Running parallel to Broadway, Leadville Avenue can connect cyclists to Boise State University, housing, the Boise Greenbelt, and several city parks without the risk of riding alongside traffic.

"These are the sort of destinations that bicyclists go to, families go to with their kids so providing a safe and low stress network for those people is very important," says Fotsch.

To get the street bicycle ready, ACHD plans to install shared lanes for bicyclists and motorists on both sides of Leadville, increased signage and flashing beacons at the Linden and Boise intersections.

"Basically once it's activated it will bring traffic to a halt and pedestrians and cyclists can cross," says DuBois.

The improvements will not affect on-street parking.

After being presented to ACHD commissioners toward the end of January, DuBois says construction is slated for 2020.