If you live in Ada County, a new service could soon be helping you save time while on the road by avoiding traffic back-ups and construction.

Have you ever found yourself backed up in traffic because you ran into a construction project you weren't aware?

It's frustrating isn't it?

Ada County has joined an application many of you already have that starting today will let you know about major back-ups as they happen.

Earlier today some people got this unexpected text message about the progress of road construction on Fairview Avenue and Cole Road in Boise. It's interesting and helpful, but some of you are asking where did it come from?

"People say hey, this is great news, by the way how did you get my email, we have had to explain to people, you've signed on to CodeRED, we are now users of CodeRED," said ACHD spokesman Craig Quintana.

The Ada County Highway District announced that they have joined the CodeRED alert system. This alert system may sound familiar, Ada County urged residents in the spring to sign up for updates on flooding, and a lot of people did. Notifications from your app may have gone quiet for a while, but you could soon be getting important traffic alerts from ACHD.

"This is going to allow us to get out in front and get the information to them before they hit the road block, or before they hit the detour," said Qunitana.

And with that information you can save valuable time. But how exactly does ACHD and CodeRED get the important information to the right people?

“Today using CodeRED we drew a circle seven miles around the Fairview/Cole intersection and sent out the notification to people within that geographical area," said Quintana.

Thinking ahead to when this system will be valuable to the whole county.

“Last year during snowmageddon we would have given people updates on where we were plowing, where we saw issues out on the roads so we could give people a heads up that we are hitting it with de-icer and sand and with salt," said Quintana.

For those of you that are thinking, "man, I don't really want more needless notifications" ACHD says don't worry.

"We aren't going to spam you with a bunch of garbage, we are going to reserve this for the big stuff, things people want to know and they've told us they want to know," said Quintana.

You can download the CodeRED app for free by searching the app store on Apple or android smart phones.

It's really easy to use, and again, it will know where you are so that you get alerts that are most important to use.