If you're riding through many subdivisions across the valley, you may do more sliding than driving, leaving homeowners to struggle with the elements.

"This season has been particularly tough," said Boise resident Chandra Angadi, who has lived in the same subdivision for 10 years.

"I've had instances in the past winter seasons where we got stuck as a family," said Angadi.

Although Angadi and his family keep their sidewalk and walkways clear, he says the real risk comes when they leave their driveway.

"Every time we pull our car out we just have to keep our fingers crossed that we don't get stuck anywhere," Angadi said.

With all the snowfall in recent weeks, the Ada County Highway District has had a hard time keeping up, making it nearly impossible to reach those side streets.

"It's truly not that we don't want to," said ACHD spokeswoman Nicole DuBois. "It's just really an allocation of resources."

ACHD crews take care of over 4,000 miles of roadway and have been working around the clock since the first snowfall. ACHD officials say residents can find some relief.

"Individuals, homeowner associations, and businesses are allowed to hire a private contractor to remove snow," said DuBois.

If you want to hire a private contractor, you have to go through ACHD and fill out a temporary use permit, and the contractor must be able to show proof of liability insurance.

"If a manhole cover gets damaged or the pavement gets damaged then we know who was there and what they were doing," said DuBois.

With more snow ahead, ACHD will have to focus on the main roads.

"It might remove us from those tertiary priorities for a little while as were dealing with new snowfall," said DuBois.

"I do believe that we in the community have to be patient in subdivisons," said Angadi.

DuBois says ACHD has waived the fees associated with the temporary use permit application because of how dangerous the side roads are right now.