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Abe Lincoln statue placed in Boise park

Abe Lincoln statue placed in Boise park
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BOISE -- A 9-foot high bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln now sits in a Boise park.

The statue of the 16th President of the United States weighs 6,500 pounds and had to be put in place by a crane.

It was permanently placed in Julia Davis ParkWednesday.

The statue depicts Lincoln sitting on a sandstone bench, which is11-feet long.

The statue is an enlarged replica of a statuesculpted by famed artisan and Idaho native Gutzon Berglum, the sculptor of Mount Rushmore. It is the third largest seated Lincoln statue in the world. The largest one is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C.

The public unveiling of the Abe Lincoln statue is set for noon on Saturday, June 19 in conjunction with the traditional Juneteenth celebration at the Black History Museum.