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Abandoned pets found in Lake Lowell area

A resident living near Lake Lowell estimated hundreds, possibly thousand sof cats have been abandoned in the area.

Animals, mostly cats, are being found in the Lake Lowell area.

Sadly, a resident who lives nearby says the area has become a increasingly popular disposal site for unwanted pets.

Melissa Blackmer moved to the Lake Lowell area two years ago. She began to notice an unusual amount of stray cats, many of them were surprisingly friendly.

"They are definitely people's pets, they are friendly, they will often just walk up to you, they are hungry. Feral cats don't tend to warm up to people," Blackmer says.

In just the past year, she has rescued 40 cats, including a six-week old kitten she found the other day.

It's one of the lucky ones.

"They starve and freeze, in the winter there are lots of predators here. I have pulled a couple of dead kittens off the road just in the last weeks or two," Blackmer says.

Just based on the number of cats she has been able to rescue in the past year, Blackmer estimates there are many more strays in the area.

"There's at least hundreds, I think that's a very conservative number," says Blackmer.

Blackmer has several theories why there are so many cats in this location.

"I guess they probably think there are mice and birds here, so they assume cats will survive. I think there are some myths about the Humane Society, people are worried, if I take my cat there they are going to euthanize them but that's not true, and sometimes neighbors, they don't like their neighbor's cat and dump it here," Blackmer says.

That's why she has taken it upon herself just recently to start up the Lost and Found Pets from Lake Lowell Facebook page, where she posts pictures of rescued cats for adoption and foster care, partners with local shelters to house them, and is always looking for volunteers to help rescue more cats.

"I can't imagine dumping an animal where it may not survive," Blackmer says.

For additional resources about relinquishing your pet, click here.

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