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77 animals rescued from Kuna residence

Eight dogs, 17 lizards, 16 snakes and a parrot were among the animals rescued from the residence of a Kuna woman.
Credit: Idaho Humane Society

KUNA, Idaho — 77 animals were rescued from a Kuna residence by the Kuna Police Department and Idaho Humane Society (IHS) on Sept. 16, including dogs, lizards, bearded dragons, and a parrot.

Police said the owner voluntarily turned over the animals but has a history of housing an excessive number of pets. They believe the owner temporarily rehomed several dogs, cats and other animals due to a water leak in her rental.

The removal of the animals began on Sept. 16 and continued into the early morning of Sept. 17. Several people with expert exotic experience assisted on the scene as well.

In total, authorities were able to remove:

  • 8 dogs
  • 19 Small animals
    • 2 Hedgehogs
    • 2 Guinea Pigs
    • 1 Hamster
    • 6 Mice (2 dead)
    • 8 Rats
  • 16 snakes
    • 6 Boa Constrictors (Sand Boa, Amazon Tree Boa, Ground Boa, Solomon Boa, 2 Red Tail Columbian Boa) 
    • 4 Pythons: (Jungle Carpet Python, Carpet Python, 2 Ball Python)
    • 4 Corn Snakes
    • 1 Sun Beam Snake
    • 1 Snake
  • 17 lizards
    • 4 Monitors 
    • 4 Geckos
    • 2 Tegu (one B/W and one Red)
    • 2 Skinks (1 Blue Tongue, 1 Pink Tongue) 
    • 1 Legless Lizard
    • 1 Bearded Dragon
    • 1 Egg Eater
  • 1 Agama
  • 1 Tortoise
  • 7 Tarantulas (1 dead)
  • 5 Quail
  • 2 Frogs
  • 1 Crab
  • 1 Scorpion
  • 1 Quaker Parrot

One of the eight dogs was diagnosed with parvo upon arrival to the humane society. Staff are treating the sick puppy and testing and quarantining the seven other dogs removed from the residence. All the exotic animals were transferred to exotic-specialty animal rescues in Idaho.

Police believe many of the animals were acquired through Facebook or Craigslist.

"I appreciate the time and effort the Idaho Humane Society put into this case in order to have a safe outcome for all the animals in distress," Kuna Police Chief Mike Fratusco. "We appreciate the partnership we have with the officers and will continue to assist them in keeping animals safe from neglect or abuse."

IHS plans to adopt out the eight dogs once they have been quarantined and vaccinated. Donations for the dogs can be made here.

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