The benefits of a good night's sleep are well known – it promotes growth, reduces stress, boosts learning, and so on.

But sadly, thousands of homeless children go without a good night's sleep.

Over the last two weeks more than 700 mattresses were donated to help children in seven different cities.

It's all thanks to an ongoing initiative by Utah-based retailer DownEast Home and Clothing.

The company designed a "Mattress On The Go" specifically for those living in transient conditions.

The mattresses are lightweight, foldable, transportable, easy to wash, and used specifically for donations.

And the initiative is fueled by their customers. Each time a performance mattress is sold in store or online, a "Mattress On The Go" is donated to a child in need.

"The feedback that we're getting from our customers that help by buying a mattress that we can then donate, but then seeing kids walk away with these mattresses has been life changing, not only for me but also for the kids and the families," said Bill Freedman, co-founder of DownEast Home and Clothing.

DownEast Home and Clothing delivered 50 mattresses to the Boise Rescue Mission Tuesday to be distributed to those in need through City Light Home for Women and Children.