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'When I feel like I'm going fast, I go': 5-year-old Boise snowboarder goes viral

Earlier this month, a TikTok video of Cash Rowley snowboarding received more than two million likes. It is not the Boise girl's first time going viral on the slopes.

BOISE, Idaho — You may have seen the video circulating online of a 5-year-old girl singing while snowboarding. The clip has received massive amounts of attention. 

As it turns out, the social-media sensation and star snowboarder is from right here in Boise. 

KTVB first introduced Idahoans to Cash Rowley when she became an internet hit at 1 years old.

Fast forward to 2022 and 5-year-old Cash is at it again, shredding and singing on mountain trails.

"When I feel like I'm going fast, I go," Cash said moving around.

Cash's parents, Nick and Whitney said they wanted to share their passion for snowboarding with their daughter. 

Two days before her first birthday, Cash's parents put her on a snowboard and took her to Bogus Basin. The experience is what sparked this moment:


♬ original sound - Rowley Adventures

"It's crazy she's 3-foot-5 and she snowboards as if she's been snowboarding for decades," Nick said.

Ever since Nick and Whitney first strapped their daughter in on a snowboard, hitting the slopes has been a favorite hobby for the Rowley family.

"It's just about time spent on the mountain as a family doing something that we all love," Whitney said.

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Earlier this month, a video of the Boise girl snowboarding went viral on TikTok, with more than two million likes and 33,000 shares.


I didn’t get to hear the full song until I reviewed the footage and I almost spit my drink all over when she did the “nine ten” part. She always finds a way to brighten the day! #singing #kids #daddysgirl #daddylittleprincess❤️❤️ #snowboardingtoddler #parentingdoneright #cute

♬ Uh The Number Song - Rowley Adventures

"My favorite part is listening to jams on the lift," Cash said laughingly.

Whitney said one of the best parts of Cash's snowboarding stardom and internet takeover is the way people are resonating with it.

"Like people are inspired and we get all these you know fan letters and awesome notes and people telling us just different stories that is really touching," Whitney said. "It makes us want to continue to keep trying to inspire people to get out there with their kids and have fun."

As she watches Cash with pride, Whitney said it is always fascinating to witness how people react to seeing her daughter on the mountain. It all starts with her colorful snowboarding tutus. 

"She's like, 'I need a tutu, it makes me stronger, it makes me faster.' So, that's the first thing people see," Whitney said. "It's always like, 'oh, that's so cute, look at this little snowboarder with her tiny board [and] a tutu.'"

After the viewers' initial reaction, Whitney said jaws start to drop when people realize just how talented Cash is on the mountain.

"You just see that click of like, 'oh my god, she's not -- she's cute -- but she's also ripping.' So, it's pretty fun to watch," Whitney said.

Credit: KTVB

With each turn or jump, Nick and Whitney are reminded of a dear friend they lost a couple of years ago.

"His name was Gary Wyman, to ALS, but he was an astounding snowboarder," Whitney said. "As we've ridden with her more and hearing the way she does things and how she connects things so effortlessly, Nick has said it in a few videos, like 'you sound like your uncle Gary.'

"We fully believe that. He passed that on to her knowing that he was gonna pass away. So riding with her is -- it's just a whole different experience for for us."

As for potentially snowboarding her way to becoming a future Olympian, the Rowley's said it is up to Cash to decide what the future holds.

"I don't want to force her to do anything she doesn't want to do, that takes the fun out of it," Whitney said. "Basically, we just want to be together as a family and have as much as much fun as possible. Whatever she decides to do, I will be her loudest cheerleader."

"Thank you everybody for being so positive," Cash said.


Love watching these two push eachother while both learning how to ride park. You will notice that when Cashy is in the zone (1:30 mark), she really doesn’t say much lol #snowboardinggirl #mommydaughter #cuteness #raisingdaughters #parenting #kids #fyp

♬ original sound - Rowley Adventures

Nick and Whitney also said their biggest goal with Cash is to show her the world and to be able to explore it, especially all the beautiful mountains they can snowboard on together. 

Not only is Cash a superstar in Boise, but she has already been to nine different countries and is getting ready to visit another this summer.

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