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3-D artwork goes on display in Boise

Joe Hill is creating a unique piece of art for the Boise Watershed.

London artist Joe Hill has been commissioned to do a 3-D artwork piece to liven up the Boise Watershed.

He has done cityscape 3-D pieces all over the world, so why not liven up the place that turns waste into water.

It looks like I'm about to fall down into this pit.

People are filing in to get a glimpse of this unique piece of art.

Hill has traveled the globe creating these beautiful 3-D street art style pieces for the past 14 years. He says it’s a technique that dates back to the Renaissance era.

In each painting he creates a spot where some can stand and it looks like they are falling off an edge, or into hot water like this one.

Hill says each painting is meant to be educational, and this one celebrates geothermal energy.

“I have created a big hole in the ground where there's a big drop, that's going to describe the process, so at the bottom we have hot water heated by the hot rock, then up through these pipes, up to these pumps into a mechanical room, pushed out to Boise itself,” said Hill.

Hill says his favorite part about painting is seeing people interact with his work.

If you want to see this awesome street art in person and snap a photo, come down to the Boise Watershed.

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