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Have inalienable rights been taken away from Idahoans due to COVID-19 crisis mitigation efforts?

Here's just some of the responses that KTVB has received about this question from The 208.

BOISE, Idaho — By April 30, Idahoans will have been under a mandatory, stay-at-home order for more than five weeks. What was supposed to be a three-week order was extended for two more weeks by Gov. Brad Little last week. Now, the Gem State is on a statewide stay at home order until April 30.

Gov. Little's announcement of extending the stay at home received protests from Idaho residents and some elected officials. On Friday, more than 1,000 protesters gathered at the Idaho Statehouse in defiance of that extension. That same day, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin also sent a letter to Gov. Brad Little where she urged him to reopen all businesses by April 30, saying she opposes any closures that negatively impact the state's economy.

That prompted this question from The 208's Brian Holmes:

"Take employment out of the equation, what rights have been taken away from you, what have you not been able to do, because of COVID-19 mitigation efforts?"

During The 208 on Tuesday night, dozens of viewers responded to us via text with their opinions, as did many on Facebook.

Here are some of the responses that caught our attention. Scroll down to see just some of the many responses to our question about if inalienable rights been taken away from Idahoans due to COVID-19 crisis mitigation efforts. We will continually add new responses throughout Tuesday night.

Note: Some of the responses have been edited for grammatical clarity.

"What happened to tough, resilient  Idahoans standing together, sacrificing for the good of all?  Disappointing to see selfishness and weakness instead." -Michele in Shoshone

"I do not feel that any rights have been taken away. I do not have the right to take away someone else's right to remain healthy." - Pat Brownfield

"Just wondering if the people that feel their rights are being violated by the stay at home order are the same folks I see on my rare outings to the grocery store that are NOT wearing masks? Where is MY right to not face possible exposure to a deadly virus? Just wondering......" - Flap E 

"I love seeing protests. It's a great reminder of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans." - Richard R.

"We need a plan to continue living with this virus running through our communities without infecting each. Everyone wears effective masks and maintains distance. I think you have it and you think I have it and we both resolve to not infect each other." - Rich

"I feel it is up to how someone interprets the order. It is also up to that person what they feel comfortable doing away from home. I am comfortable going to the grocery store. I am not comfortable standing on the Capitol steps with 1,500 people I don't know. Be kind and respectful to each other. This too will pass." - Bill Allen of Nampa 

"I'm just being honest, I don't feel like my rights have been taken away it's common sense we are learning from other countries that have been through this. Until we get a vaccine." - Jason

"#The 208 I haven't had any rights taken away. I gladly relinquish some freedoms out of solidarity with and consideration for my community. I challenge everyone to be generous." - Linda Corder

"#208 Social events for students or their parents are not civil rights. Unfortunate loss, maybe. Our "rights" extend only when they don't cause others to lose their rights to safety and health." - Cathy 

"I don't think my rights were taken away at all. The Governor ous trying to protect the healthy people of Idaho from getting sick. I've got a weakened immune system and I'm glad he put the stay at home in place."

"I feel like this whole issue comes down to a simple thought... human life vs. money.  Businesses want to reopen, people need to provide for their family, people want to go out and do their usual things like movies, concerts... but the cost of doing those things (that revolve around money) may come with the price tag of human life.  I stand for the value of human life." - Kim of Star

"The thing that I am missing in all this is unity. I thought people were thinking this virus is a hoax. The problem is they believe it is bad but...if they get it They get it. They don't think about the people that would die if They get infected. They have a right to act for themselves but...They don't have the right to cause the death of Someone else."

"One of the things that I felt that has been taken away is our right to be able to go to the amazing hot springs. Especially from our essential workers." - Ryan from Boise

"What rights have been lost? The right to assemble, the right to live without fear instigated by reporting of it, the right to work for many and support their families, the right to move freely, the right to accurate statistics, need I go on? This is unbelievable." - Tom L.  of Nampa 

"Hello, regarding what rights people have lost during this shutdown. They have lost the right to be irresponsible and endanger others. During emergencies like this, we do lose "the right to paaartay". It's time to act like adults and do what is right for our country, community, and our families by staying home. On another, but related note, I think it would be good to get the message out that a lot of people of all political persuasions support Brad Little (I'm an independent) even if we aren't counter-protesting because of the risks to doing so."

"More inconvenience than anything else. I am following the self-isolation mandates for civic safety not because it's mandatory. Luckily my housemate is also." - BrendaLee Smith

"#208 it's not about our rights it's about our life." - Debbie Swain

"The people who don't want to follow the stay at home order are the same people that text while driving. Both put my life in danger." - Sally B. 

"Hi Brian, I feel like this stay home from the coronavirus has taking my social enjoyment with other people away and smiling at people too because places want you to wear a mask and you can't show your smile behind a mask. This stay at home has taking social away from us too! Not only our stores went down but social too!" - Brian

"Thee biggest uncertainty is, how do we guarantee that people will take this seriously enough to actually be able to open up? So many people are at stores now, not social distancing, not caring how they affect others. We've never had the "Constitutional right" to threaten or harm others."

"What's been taken away from us is our right to assemble in person. If this pandemic hit 30 years ago without the internet how would we have assembled?" - BW in McCall 

"I don't feel like my rights have been taken away. While I agree this stay at home order is inconvenient and difficult, I'm tired of everyone talking about their "rights" without considering their responsibility to our neighbors and community." -

"What rights have you lost? The ability to feed your family? Just curious to understand how your point of view might be altered by that alone? The ability to contribute to a charity instead of being the recipient. Your perspective and "reporting" is extremely one-sided." - Tom Lilly, Nampa 

"Darwinism is the ability to adapt to survive. I am tired of all these businesses crying all time. I am supporting several businesses that have adapted and moved their operations online and thinking outside the box to survive. We will never go back to the old ways, this is the new normal, so change! #The208"

"I don't believe that any rights are taken away. Sometimes extraordinary times call for extraordinary sacrifice. Be it natural disasters, wars or in this case a pandemic, we need to all pull together for the betterment of us all." - Leo Sigrist

"I do believe in the Bill of Rights. However, in times of national crises, such as we are experiencing now, the right to "life" probably trumps (no pun intended) the others. I agree that our rights must be jealously guarded but I also hope and believe this is temporary and am willing to sacrifice for the common good."

"If anything I feel, rather than having anything taken away by the stay at home order I have been given a better chance to live a longer, healthier life." - Kathy from Boise 

"Our right to assemble, our right to assemble for religion has been revoked. That right is clearly stated in the bill of right. The constitution protects us from being denied life, liberty or property with out due process. The stay at home orders violate both of those. Government has the power to make suggestions in how we live our lives. If I chose to not self isolate that is my right. It is also anyone's right to self isolate. If you are worried, if you are immune compromised, by all means stay home, practice social distancing, but do not force me to live exactly as you chose to. America is about freedom to chose, and make our own decisions. I doubt this will be posted as it does not fit the media's agenda in this current state of affairs" - Larry Tillinghast

We want to know your opinion. Leave us a comment in our Facebook group, tag us on Twitter (@the208ktvb), or send us an email (the208@ktvb.com).

"Take employment out of the equation, what rights have been taken away from you, what have you not been able to do, because of COVID-19 mitigation efforts?" We want to know your thoughts, which...

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