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Planned Parenthood supporters gather outside Idaho Supreme Court

A crowd no larger than 30 people opposed Idaho laws restricting abortion accessibility, but one woman drove nearly five hours to be in the mix.

BOISE, Idaho — A palette of bright-colored demonstrators stood outside the Idaho Supreme Court Building in support of Planned Parenthood and the organization’s lawsuits against the State of Idaho.

Planned Parenthood is looking to overturn two abortion laws in Idaho that restrict accessibility to the procedure. The state supreme court heard arguments Wednesday morning on the lawsuit.

Among the crowd of 30 stood people directly involved with Planned Parenthood, while others showed up in support of their position.

Kirsi Ball traveled nearly five hours from Rexburg to be in the mix.

"I'm glad they're actually talking about it. I'm glad they're considering it," Ball said. "They're taking away our right to choice. We don't have the choice about what we are going to do with our bodies anymore."

The two abortion laws in question are Senate Bill 1385 from the 2020 legislative session, colloquially known as a trigger law. The other is Senate Bill 1309 from the 2022 legislative session, colloquially known as the Texas-style heartbeat bill.

Planned Parenthood’s lawsuits against these laws have placed a temporary pause on their enforcement until the court can make a decision on whether the laws are legal or not.

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In opposition to the laws, Ball stood outside the Idaho Supreme Court building steps listening to a live stream of the each side's argument.

"I was always the person that said, 'I am not going to be the woman who gets an abortion'," Ball said. "I was on bed rest. I was in the hospital multiple times throughout multiple pregnancies. I was suicidal and on suicide watch for both and no one [cared] about that. It was only about the children coming out afterwards."

Ball loves her children.

"They're the best part of my life," Ball said.

However, the emotional, mental, and physical toll truly pushed her to her limit. She doesn't think she could handle another pregnancy.

"If it came down to it, I would [have an abortion]. No question, because my kids are more important than a fetus" Ball said. "We need people to understand this affects us. There is a lot more of us than they think."

If forced to continue through with an unexpected pregnancy, Ball fears she couldn't work and provide for her family - and children - financially. Let alone, be the strong and present mother her two kids need from her now.

For now, all she can do it sit and wait on decision. 

"They don't wanna hear stories, they don't wanna hear what happens, how it saved us or benefit us. They don't wanna hear the risks of pregnancy," Ball said.

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