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Meridian company's billboards try to get conversational about people's daily constitutional

A viewer asked The 208 about the signs, so as investigative journalists, it was our duty to get to the bottom of the matter. It's a dirty job, someone has to do it.

The 208 is used to viewers saying crappy things in our emails but one woman is definitely the first to KTVB to ask to investigate the dirty deed.

Glenda wanted to know about a billboard that she has seen around town. She was curious but a little embarrassed to ask herself, so she asked The 208 to get to the bottom of it.

Across the Treasure Valley, there are 22 billboards that have a simple but strange message: "YAY! I POOPED TODAY." Not normally a conversation starter, since everyone should have some privacy while on the porcelain throne.

So The 208 did the dirty work and got to the bottom of what or who was behind the billboards.

The ads are part of an advertising campaign by Microbe Formulas. The Merdian-based company was trying to get motivational about getting conversational around people's daily constitutional.

"So we're a supplement company that focuses on boosting people's immune system through detoxification and increasing energy in the body," Co-CEO Ryan Riley said.

With such a simple and bleached-white clear message, Microbe Formulas definitely received the attention they anticipated.

"Well the attention that we're getting has been exactly what we anticipated," Riley said. "In the climate of today's world, we need to be talking about boosting our immune systems, we need to be talking about the importance of our body's performing their normal function and one of those is pooping." 

He added that it's all about starting the conversation about pooping, even if it makes people's cheeks blush.

Microbe Formulas will soon put on fresh versions of the billboards. It remains to be seen how it will go and if they'll get on a roll with the campaign.

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