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Meet Spuddy Buddy, the star of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

In traditional fashion, Idaho Potato Commission icon Spuddy Buddy stole the show at college football's only bowl game on blue turf.

BOISE, Idaho — Sure, there is a big game on The Blue with two teams wearing yellow pants, but do you know the real star of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?

If you logged online during the football game, you may have noticed it was far easier to find Spuddy Buddy content than the score of the game! 

So, where did the legend of Spuddy begin? In a sack of Idaho potatoes?  Spuddy spokesman Sue Kennedy fills us in. It’s a great story.

“Oh very much so, Spuddy Buddy made his debut through the 'Today' show window in New York City, and Al Roker was immediately drawn to Spuddy Buddy. He said, 'who is this?' One of the (potato) commissioners at the time said, 'it’s Spuddy Buddy,' and that’s when the name was born and that’s when Spuddy Buddy became world famous,” Kennedy said.

She isn’t kidding, Spuddy goes coast to coast spreading the good word about Idaho potatoes! Sure Spuddy is a hometown hero, but on the road, it always feels like home.

“Oh, it’s crazy! People love Spuddy Buddy because they’ve seen him, they’ve heard of him. They saw him on the 'Today' show, they see him on social media, and for them to meet Spuddy Buddy in real life, it’s a big deal,” Kennedy said.

And Spuddy has a full team to support the hard work.

“It’s very hard. That’s why Spuddy Buddy actually has a bodyguard hiding over there who has to make sure that people keep their distance. If you’ve noticed, a lot of the mascots get a little jealous and want to do chest bumps, so that’s why we have the bodyguard,” Kennedy said.

If you’ve seen Spuddy you already know, this tater is full of excitement. There is a big reason for that…

“Spuddy is full of energy. He is a potato, and those offer lots of energy. They have a lot of great complex carbs that are very important to you and that’s what you get,” Kennedy said.

Sure, there were cheers Tuesday for the action on The Blue. But it’s fair to say, Spuddy likely got some of the biggest ovations of the day!

“Everybody loves Spuddy Buddy and everyone gets Idaho potatoes. It’s just a perfect fit, it’s natural. How could you not smile when you see Spuddy Buddy? You want to smile. We go back a long way,” Kennedy said.  

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