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North Idaho representative pushes back, compares Idaho to Nazi Germany

Heather Scott lashed out against Gov. Brad Little's stay-at-home order during an interview with a Texas podcaster on Thursday.

BOISE, Idaho — Perhaps Idaho Representative Heather Scott should read a history book.

She made that known Thursday in an interview with Jess Fields, a podcaster from Texas.

Here is a piece of that hour-long discussion as we introduce a new segment on The 208 called “No Words Necessary.”

"And when you have government telling you that your business is essential or non-essential, yours is non-essential and someone else's is essential, we have a problem there. I mean, that's no different than Nazi Germany where you had government telling people either you were an essential worker or a non-essential worker, and non-essential workers got put on a train,” Scott said.

I know this segment is called “No Words” but I have to say something here.

Are we OK with this?

North Idaho, District One...this is your representative.

She is representing you.

Are we OK with her calling Governor Brad Little...little Hitler?

Are we OK with her comparing unemployment to Holocaust victims?

That was about taking lives. This is about asking people to stay at home for a few weeks. It is about saving them.

It seems there were hundreds of like-minded Idahoans at the state Capitol Friday.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation hosted a protest in downtown Boise, as well as Lewiston and Sandpoint.

Of course, it goes against the governor's stay-at-home and crowd gathering order -- cause that was the point.

Civil disobedience at the expense of concerns for the common good.

I'm sure the 2.5 percent mortality rate of COVID-19 in Idaho doesn't apply to them.

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