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208 Redial: Halfway to Halfway

This classic Idaho Life takes a look at the halfway point between Boise and Halfway, Oregon. Turns out it's an Idaho town with the slogan, "Halfway to Heaven."

MIDVALE, Idaho — Editors note: This story originally aired July 1, 2004.

Every four years, the universe aligns to give us one more day on the calendar, commonly referred to as a 'leap year.' So technically Thursday, July 2, 2020, marks the midway point of the year.

So in an ode to that milestone, we went into the KTVB archive to find a classic Idaho Life from 2004 that pays homage to hitting the halfway point.

More specifically, we wanted to know what is halfway between Boise and Halfway, Oregon.

Turns out, there's technically nothing that's directly halfway, so we found the next closest place: Midvale, Idaho, a place locals call "Halfway to Heaven."

Check out the video to learn more.

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