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City of Eagle buys iconic 'Jackson House' for a new community site

The Great Depression-era home will remain in place, and it will soon be a host to community events and activities.

EAGLE, Idaho — If you’ve driven through Downtown Eagle since the 1930s, chances are high that you’ve seen the historic home that's sat there for nearly 90 years.

The 'Jackson House' off of Eagle Road and Aikens Street is a Tudor-style home that was built along Eagle Road in 1931, at the height of the Great Depression.

The five-bedroom, three-bath 3,100-square-foot home sits on 2.5 acres. The total cost to build the home in the '30s - about $10,000.

Now, the house and the 2.5-acre property have a new owner.

“We purchased this back in September, we are looking to make it kind of Eagle’s little own Central Park,” Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce told KTVB on Wednesday. 

The City of Eagle paid $1 million for the property and home, which Mayor Pierce said he already envisions great community happenings there.

“It will be a place where we will have events, we will expand our Saturday market, it will be an event center that people will be able to rent to do weddings or other types of events. We won’t have kitchen amenities in it so that our local restaurants will be able to do catering and we can support them.” Pierce said.

For Mayor Pierce, this project is personal. He’s had an idea about this spot for a while now.

“I have to be honest with you, I’ve been working on this for 15 years,” Pierce said. 

The idea is to preserve the history, culture and tradition of this iconic home.

“I didn’t want to see a developer tear it down, I didn’t want to see other things happen here. I think the residents of Eagle really wanted to see it stay what it was and now they will get to be a part of seeing it and seeing what it does moving forward,” Pierce said. 

Mayor Pierce hopes to supplement the historical home with a tribute to the man and family that built this home and also helped to build this city.

“We are really looking to maybe do something with a tribute to Orville Jackson and have his own little museum in this building somewhere so that people never forget those that came before them and made Eagle a great community that they’ve all moved to or decided to live in for years and years," he explained.

It’s no secret that this is very valuable land in downtown Eagle, leading to a question: What if leadership in the future wanted to sell the house off to developers?

208 REDIAL: Seller hopes new owner will preserve historic Eagle home

“We actually have it deed restricted. So, if the City ever wanted to do anything other than what we’ve said we are going to do, which is leave it here, it would have to go back to the heirs of the family and give them the opportunity to purchase it and take it back. We really wanted to make sure that this is what it will stay as,” Pierce said. 

For the next several months, there will be some landscaping and refurbishing done on the property. The plan is to start hosting the community here by next year.

“We are looking at about September to December of next year, trying to find ways to get the public out here and we will do a big grand opening and show everyone what it’s all about and have tours going through it,” Pierce said. “I think everybody that drives by here is really always thought that it was such a great place, wanting to see what’s inside of it and now they will be able to do that.”

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