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'I always be sneaky': Boise eight-year-old hides self-made book on library shelf

'The Adventures of Dillon Helbig's Crismis' by Dillon Helbig 'His Self' is now available to check out.

BOISE, Idaho — Eight-year-old Dillon Helbig has always had big aspirations.

"I've been wanting to put a book in the library since I was five," Dillon said.

Three years is a long time to wait when you are only eight years old.

So when his grandmother gave him an empty journal, he decided to go all in.

After what Dillion said was two or three days of writing and drawing in December, he finished his very first book: 'The Adventures of Dillon Helbig's Crismis' by Dillon Helbig 'His Self'.

The book is about Dillion, who, one night, is decorating a tree when the star on top explodes.

"I think someone overnight put a bomb in there and it just exploded," Dillon said.

After that, he gets sucked into a portal and goes back in time to the very first Thanksgiving.

"Everything about it was a bit crazy," he said.

With the book finished, Dillon knew he had to get it on the shelf at his local library, but he was not sure how.

So, Dillon decided to go the undercover route.

"I always be (sic) sneaky, like how I get chocolate," he told us.

"There was a lot of librarians that I had to sneak past so do you know what I did?" Dillion asked.

"What did you do?" Brian Holmes asked.

"I covered up this part and covered the back with my body and just snuck it in and then I started to walk, and then I came in this aisle, no wait this aisle, and then I put my book right here. Wait, right there," Dillon said.

"I didn't know that was his ultimate plan," Dillon's mom Susan Helbig said.

And there it stayed, but who knows for how long, because the next time Dillon came to see it, it was gone.

So his mom called the library.

"His parents were worried we would find his book and we would get rid of it," Lake Hazel Library branch manager Alex Hartman said. "Which was an unfounded fear because if there's ever a place a book would be safe, it would be here."

Hartman was able to find it eventually, over in the 'stories' section.

"Dillon's book definitely fit all the criteria that we would look for to include a book in our collection," Hartman said.

So, with Dillon's permission, they processed it, put on the proper stickers, and now 'The Adventures of Dillon Helbig's Crismis' is a full-fledged library book.

"Now it's in the system, anybody with a library card can check out the book," Hartman said.

However, you may have to wait a while, as there is already a waiting list.

There is some good news: Dillon said a sequel is in the works.

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