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Onaway, Idaho: On the way to everywhere on the Palouse

How did 'Onaway, Idaho' get it's name? We're 'onaway' to something here.

ONAWAY, Idaho — In Idaho's timber country, past Moscow up to the northern part of Latah County, you'll find Onaway, Idaho.

So named, as the locals tell it because it's 'On the Way' to everywhere on the Palouse.

In 1905, it sat less than a mile away from where the world's largest sawmill was built and created the company town of Potlatch.

But Potlatch was a dry town, so where could you find a beer?

You could say 'Onaway' 'outta town.'

The story goes at the end of their shift at the mill, men and women would head over the hill to find refreshment.

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When a wife would call looking for her husband, the boss would say he was 'Onaway home.'

These days, the Lucky Seven Saloon is the only bar in the Latah County town of about 200.

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