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Frites by Idaho: the essence of irresistible, a perfect valentine's day gift

The perfume was developed from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils.

BOISE, Idaho —

The Idaho Potato Commission is hoping people will love their new fragrance, Frites. That’s French for fries, like French fries. 

The perfume is developed from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils, which we can only assume means peanut oil. 

The smell is apparently irresistible, and a great gift for anyone who cannot refuse a French fry. Apparently, there are a lot of French fry lovers out there because at just $1.89 the potato commission sold out their initial supply within hours. 

The potato commission even gave away twenty bottles for valentine's day. Let us know if you happened to be a lucky winner. 

Even if you don’t like the smell, maybe you could make yourself a French fry flavored vodka martini.

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