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America welcoming 79 new citizens during special ceremony in Boise

The new Americans were welcomed at the Federal courthouse, cheered on by family, friends, and supporters.

BOISE, Idaho — Thursday afternoon marked the realization of an American dream. 79 people who call Idaho home are now officially citizens of the United States. These new Americans come from across the globe: Japan, Ukraine, France, Italy; all waiting to clear the final step, hearing their name and country of origin during a special citizenship ceremony.

Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Ray Patricco presided over the ceremony at the Federal Courthouse in Boise.

“You are about to officially become a part of the fabric of our community and our democracy,” Patricco said in his remarks.

It’s easy to spot beaming smiles and tears of joy in the crowd full of family, friends, and supporters. The realization of the American dream.

“It feels really, really good. I feel proud, happy. I can’t even describe my feelings right now,” said Nadia, a new citizen originally from Afghanistan.  

Nadia sat and listened to the officially ceremony with her sister, Mira, who was just steps behind her on the final path to citizenship.

“It means a lot, honestly. From where I came and who I am today and who I’ve become through all of this, 6 years living in the United States. I am really proud and happy,” Naida said.

Garline Davis left her home in Haiti about 10 years ago, her journey as an American begins on an exciting note.

“It feels like a sense of belonging and to a great nation of course, but also a sense of pride that I’m part of this humongous country that is so relevant and I can make a little mark on it, I feel very proud,” Davis said.

Davis says, of course, becoming a citizen is exciting. She will wake up tomorrow for the first time as an American citizen.

“I don’t know how I am going to feel but I know I am going to feel different. I don’t know yet, but I Know it will be good. It will be good, yes,” Davis said.

As the group of new Americans joins the country, the circumstances remind us what this United States of America is built on.

“All of us came here with the same dream, the dream of a better life for ourselves and our families,” Patricco said.

Davis says she is incredibly proud and excited to celebrate her journey.

“That is one ray of sunshine that I can send out to people out there. If you have a dream, just pursue it. If that dream is to be American, you can do it. Because, everyone can,” Davis said.

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