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208 Redial: A slam 'dunk' in problem-solving

In 2001, a Boise company created a recipe for effective conflict resolution: coworkers, frustrations and a dunk tank.

BOISE, Idaho — Editor's note: This story originally aired on Jan. 15, 2001.

While temperatures in the high 40s and cloudy skies are a little warm for mid-January, it's not what most people would consider "pool weather".

Except for one group of coworkers in Boise.

20 years ago, on Jan. 15, 2001, employees at Healthwise, Inc. decided to air out their disagreements so cooler heads could prevail.

KTVB life reporter John Miller paid a visit to a local company with a very creative method of problem solving.

When internal conflict arose at Healthwise, president Gene Drabinki had choices:

"You can haul 'em into the office, you can set 'em down, you can try to take disciplinary measures," Drabinki said. "Or you can roll in the dunk tank. I'm going for the dunk tank."

The ultimate smackdown between the dunkers and the dunkees is the only way Healthwise employees knew to solve an internal conflict.

Whenever there are people that think differently, there is bound to be light tension, according to Drabinki.

Bob, one of the managers, came up with this soggy solution to bring the two sides closer together. We're not sure if it's healthy or wise, but it seems to have worked.

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