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208 Redial: What happened to the 13th floor?

In 2013, Brian Holmes spoke with two law partners about the superstition surrounding number 13. Today, on Friday the 13th, we thought we'd revisit that story.

BOISE, Idaho — Editor's note: This story originally aired on Oct. 31, 2013.

This edition of 208 Redial was intended to air the last time Friday the 13th rolled around eight months ago on March 13, 2020.

But you may remember, it was that day the world changed. On March 13, Idaho reported its first confirmed case of COVID-19, which seemed a bit more important.

On this Friday the 13th, we thought we'd share the Redial we didn't get to share with you back in March while also paying tribute to Triskaidekaphobia, irrational fear or superstition of the number 13.

If you're a native Boisean (even if you have driven through Boise one time), you've probably caught a glimpse of the tallest building in Idaho: The US Bank Plaza.

It's been a staple of the Boise skyline since 1978, but not just because its the highest building in the Gem State.

Step into any of the building's six elevators and you'd be hard-pressed to find the floor between 12 and 14, which is where we found the law firm of Holland and Hart.

It's a superstition that goes back to Norse Mythology, Valhalla and a God named Loki. The number 13 came out with a bad (and long) name: triskaidekaphobia.

Ever since, the fear of 13 has been followed by almost everyone, including builders of high-rise buildings. According to record once kept by the Otis Elevator Company, 85% of the world's skyscrapers don't have a 13th floor.

Bob Faucher has worked as a bankruptcy attorney in the US Bank Plaza for over 20 years and has never experienced anything spooky or strange.

"I would say no, I'm not a superstitious kind of person," he said.

But there was a time when he inexplicably passed out in the firm's law library and when he came to, he was all alone- or so we thought.

"No, I was not alone unfortunately 'cause somebody else saw me fall on the floor and that was kind of embarrassing," Faucher said.

Since this story originally aired in 2013, Holland and Hart has moved across the street to the Zion's Bank Building. Now, the pair works out of the 15th floor.

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