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Trouble paying your water bill? There's help.

The City of Greensboro has payment plans to help you. The no water shut-offs stop at the end of July. Don't get stuck with a big bill when cut-offs resume.

Running water is a necessity, and the city of Greensboro wants you to have it whether you can pay your bill right now or not, but the coronavirus policies for no water shut-offs stops at the end of July. And by that time, if you haven’t made plans, you could be drowning in water bill debt.

If you're having trouble paying your city water bill you have options.
The city suggests paying what you can and calling 373-CITY to set up a payment plan.

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There are plans allowing you to pay off your debt in three to six-month increments.  The way it works, you will pay your current bill and a portion of what you owe between several bills over those months.

The city warns against not calling and setting up a plan. When the end of July rolls around, the bills will be due and cut-offs will resume. So, get help now. About 400 customers have set up payment plans. 

If you normally pay your bill online or by phone the $1 convenience fee is being waived along with late fees.

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