Thanks to a heartfelt and anonymous donation, the Salvation Army received a golden gift Thursday night when an antique gold coin was dropped into a red kettle in Ontario, Oregon.

The Salvation Army says the coin is an 1885, mint condition $5 gold coin that was manufactured in Philadelphia.

After getting the coin appraised, the Salvation Army found that it is worth $300 and will go a long way to helping those in need.

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We don't know who exactly made the donation, but Major Stephanie Bridgeo says this generous donation also has a heartwarming story behind it.

"The coin was actually put in an envelope that said, ‘Merry Christmas, please use this wisely.’ It said ‘I gave this to my mother, Evelyn 30 years ago.’ And on the other side of the envelope, it said ‘yes this is real,’” Bridgeo said.

Major Bridgeo added she feels honored this generous donor trusted the Salvation Army to put this family-owned heirloom towards a good cause.