BOISE -- Boise received a special visit Thursday from a 10-year-old boy on a mission.

Tyler Carach of Florida has traveled all across the U.S. with his mother for the last two years, delivering donuts to law enforcement. It's part of his one-kid campaign to say thank you to every officer in the country.

"I wanted to thank them for their service because of the risks they take and the sacrifices, and because they're my heroes and best friends," he said.

Tyler has already crisscrossed the nation this summer, with Idaho marking his 39th state.

"I've given out over 70,000 donuts," he said.

Ada County Sheriff's Deputy Cheyanne Ketcham said Tyler's treats - and the sentiment behind them - were a big hit at the sheriff's office

"To have people from the community come out and openly thank us, it does feel good," she said.

For more about Tyler's travels visit his Facebook page.