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1-year-old snowboarder becoming an Internet sensation

A 1-year-old Boise snowboarder has become an internet sensation after her trip to Bogus Basin.

While most kids may get a doll or stuffed animal for their first Christmas present, Cash Rowley received a snowboard.

“Right after she was born that was her Christmas gift, which at the time was kinda funny because she, you know, is a couple weeks old,” Whitney Rowley, Cash’s mother said.

With it, the task to get her on the slopes by the time she was one.

“My sister and my niece did it when she was 18-months old, so it was kind of that competition, like 'ok' like I joke and then once she started walking at nine months it was like 'game on,'” Whitney said.

WATCH: Tiny snowboarder hits Bogus Basin for the first time

Cash had ridden on a skateboard with her dad before, but to ensure she was ready for her big day they pulled her around the living room for practice.

“Probably about a month prior to going up, she probably had four or five days of us actually spending a good amount of time with her, you know, dragging her in circles around the house,” Nick Rowley, Cash’s dad said.

All with the goal of having her snowboarding by her first birthday. A goal that was achieved this past Saturday when 1-year-old Cash Rowley hit the bunny hill at Bogus Basin.

“Just a fearless kid,” Nick said.

The video of that day has now gone viral and has been seen by millions across the world.

“We didn't anticipate this to go as big as it did,” Nick said.

Cash can’t even go to the doctor anymore without being recognized.

“We went into the pediatrician today and they asked, 'oh who are you checking in?' And we're like Cash Rowley, and they're like 'Cash Rowley the snowboarder?' And we're like, 'yeah, that's her,'" Nick said.

Although, after the family trip to Costa Rica in February, people could be saying Cash Rowley, the surfer.

“Try to get her on the surfboard and I was a swim instructor, so we're starting swimming lessons and she loves the water already,” Whitney said.

A family passing on their love of the outdoors to their 1-year-old daughter.

“The end goal is to be able to shred together as a family,” Nick said.

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