IDAHO FALLS - The private investigator looking into the disappearance of missing toddler DeOrr Kunz Jr. issued a new statement about the investigation, KIFI in Idaho Falls reported Monday.

The 2-year-old was reported missing July 10, 2015. His parents told authorities the boy disappeared during a family camping trip near Leadore. Search teams combed the area, but found no trace of the toddler.

Private investigators with Klein Investigations and Consulting hired by the family said in January they had ruled out the possibility of an abduction or attack by a wild animal in DeOrr's disappearance.

Later that month, Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman told KTVB that Jessica Mitchell and Deorr Kunz Sr. have been "less than truthful" since the investigation began.

In January, Bowerman told KTVB that he had met with prosecutors, the FBI and the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office and planned to take his time and make sure the case is solid before bringing charges against Mitchell and Kunz.

Here is the statement issued Monday by private investigator Philip R. Klein, as reported by KIFI:

In November of 2015 KIC Texas accepted the case of the missing child DeOrr Kunz, Jr., who went missing from a campground near Leadore, Idaho in July of 2015. There has been much speculation by the public, family members and the press regarding this young child's disappearance. Today we announce to the public and media the closing of phase three of our case and our conclusions to date. The following are our conclusions to date. The following are our conclusions regarding the case:

1. The conclusion by the civil investigation team of "what happened" to DeOrr Kunz, Jr. is officially death by accident/homicide.

2. The following person are "person of interest/suspects with direct knowledge."

A. Vernal DeOrr Kunz (father)
B. Jessica Mitchell
C. Robert "Bob" Walton (grandfather)

3. The investigation continues regarding Isaac Reinwand - as he has begun to cooperate with Investigators and has given a further statement. Those claims are being evaluated at this time.

The final phase of our investigation will be recovery. We believe through evidence and witness statements we will be able to recover a body in this case. We continue to agree with Sheriff Bowerman and his statements of this past week as we too have had to deal with multiple stories and changes in facts by some of the witnesses whom were on the mountain during the timeline of events. We further agree with the law enforcement teams from around the United States that are involved in this case - that both Vernal Kunz and Jessica Mitchell know what happened on that mountain in July of 2015. We want the public to know that we believe through evidence the family members of Kunz, Mitchell and Walton ARE NOT involved - however - we believe they are too close to their family members and are in denial. The evidence is very clear.