The Kunz family is still holding out hope that they will find 3-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr. In fact, they plan to look for him again on Saturday near the Idaho campsite where he disappeared in July of 2015.

Trina Bates Clegg, DeOrr Jr.'s grandmother, says she's not going to give up because that would be giving up on DeOrr, but did add that she does realize if they do find him near the campsite, the outcome won't be a good one.

Clegg says she and her husband have gone up at least once a month since his disappearance to search for DeOrr. She says she was up there two weeks ago with Jessica, DeOrr's mother, putting up hundreds of flyers with a description of what he was last seen wearing and a picture. It's all in hope that someone up in that area may know or have seen something.

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Clegg plans to get a group together this weekend to go up and search the campsite area. Although, she says this search will be a little further north.

"Where was he last seen? Where were you standing? All those kind of things and that's been so beat up that we know where they were all standing. We know where the baby was last seen. Let’s start further out and let’s come back in," Clegg said.

Clegg says future searches could include walking along Highway 28. She says that's because if someone did take DeOrr, maybe they threw his clothes or boots along the highway.

The Lemhi County Sheriff's Office has named both of DeOrr's parents, Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz Sr., as suspects in the case. Clegg told KTVB she's OK with her daughter being named a suspect because she was there.

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Clegg says had she been there too she would probably be a suspect.

KTVB ask Clegg is she believes DeOrr's parents are innocent. She told us that it's been more than a year since DeOrr went missing, and if the parents had anything to do with it they would have said something or slipped up by now.

Clegg says anyone interested in helping her search can meet in Leadore, Idaho, at 10 a.m. Saturday.