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Keeping your pets safe on the 4th of July

Fireworks can be frightening for some pets. The Idaho Humane Society has some tips to keep your pets calm and safe during the holiday festivities.

BOISE, Idaho — Across the country there will be barbecues and events to celebrate but many of those events will include fireworks.

As many pet owners know though, fireworks can really scare our furry friends.

Here are some tips on how to keep your dogs and other pets calm and safe.

  • Make a safe space for them to hide
  • Exercise them during the day
  • Give toys or treats to keep them busy
  • Keep them inside so they don't run away,
  • Play music or turn on the TV for ambient noise
  • Lock windows and doors

The bottom line is -- keep them comfortable.

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It is inevitable that some pets will get out and run.

If you do see a pet on the run, the Idaho Humane Society says don't be afraid to jump in and help if you feel safe and comfortable doing so.

"Approach slowly if the dog is wagging its tail, if it's interested in having communication and touching you, then you are welcome to grab it, and put it in your yard, and then bring it to us on the fifth," said Kristine Schellhaas with the Idaho Humane Society.

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If there is a serious issue, or you're just not comfortable, call animal control.

If you lose track of your pet, check with the Idaho Humane Society and local shelters first thing in the morning on the 5th of July.

If you can, try to be home with your pets to comfort them. Experts say that is really the best way to keep everything under control.

if you can't with them, make sure where ever they are going to be is safe and that there is nothing they can hurt themselves with.

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