A Pierce County judge dismissed a Spanaway-based company’s attempt to sue a former customer.

The company, FallenHeroBracelets.com, was sued by the State of Washington’s Attorney General last month, accused of being deceptive.

Calling it “frivolous” Monday morning, Pierce County Judge Pro Tem Cynthia Chen-Weller threw out a lawsuit the company filed against a customer in April.

That defendant, customer Claire Snodgrass, hopes Monday’s courtroom defeat is the first of many for the company.

“It wasn’t right what he was doing,” Snodgrass said of Michael Friedmann, the company’s director.

State investigators allege the company claims to share proceeds with veteran organizations, but the state said there’s no evidence of donations.

Snodgrass was sued by the company over her original $40 purchase.

In June 2017, she said she bought a tee-shirt from the website. She canceled her payment for the shirt after it didn’t arrive for several weeks, said Snodgrass.

When she received it months later, it came with a letter from Friedmann.

“Saying he’d already sent me to collections… he was going to charge me with criminality and bank fraud. So I sent the tee-shirt back,” said Snodgrass.

She said the company submitted her case to four collection agencies and requested a payment of more than $1,100.

Monday’s court decision meant Snodgrass did not owe the company anything.

A spokesperson for Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said the office has identified 13 customers who complained about the company, including Snodgrass.

Washington is suing FallenHeroBracelets.com in an attempt to shut down the website and is seeking $2,000 in penalties for each of the customers who complained.