BOISE, Idaho — Next month a group of Idahoans will head to the United Arab Emirates to compete in one of the world's marquee sporting events, the Special Olympics World Games.

Jon Harmon will bowl in the world games, while Nampa police officer Deny Burns will run as a part of the torch carrying team for the opening ceremonies.

Harmon works hours a week to perfect his precision in preparation for what he says is the event of his life.

"I'm going to Abu Dhabi for the special Olympic World Games in March," Harmon said.

There, Jon will compete with some of the best bowlers in the world. and on the grand stage of the special Olympic World Games he knows that every pin counts.

"It's hard to explain how happy I am, it's been my dream come true," Harmon said.

This past week, Harmon was joined at practice with his new bowling buddy, Officer Burns. The pair quickly bonded over their upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi. 

"It just kind of radiates off him, his passion for bowling," Burns said.

Officer Burns is one of 100 elite officers that has been selected internationally to take part in the Law Enforcement Olympic Torch Run. 

The group will be traveling around the UAE ahead of the World Games to spread awareness and promote the event.

"It was just such an honor, I really can't think of any bigger honor to be bestowed on me it's just amazing," Burns said.

Burns was selected to be  apart of the torch team after volunteering with Special Olympics Idaho over the last several years.

"Every athlete that I've ever met and played a sport with, they are all so passionate about their sport, whatever it is. and they want to share that passion with everyone," Burns said.

His adventure to Abu Dhabi is based on the same vision he supports here at home.

"Really just going over there to support the athletes, share that message of inclusion," Burns said.

For months the pair have worked hard to meet their goals. While Jon concentrates on knocking down pins.

Officer burns has been raising money to support special Olympic athletes.

"I know that the money that I raise is going to help athletes like Jon really do a sport that they are passionate about and they love\, and they really like sharing with everyone else," Burns said.

Burns says he couldn’t be prouder to represent his community and country on the world stage.

"To represent Nampa and the Nampa Police department and this area, it's an honor it really is," Burns said.

And Harmon agrees.

"It's kind of a dream come true,” Harmon said. “It’s just so nice to go there and represent the United States and represent Idaho."

Officer Burns heads out to the UAE at the end of February and will be fundraising for Special Olympic athletes until he leaves.

You can check out his donation campaign here.

Jon Harmon and track & field athlete James Dawson leave for the World Games in early March.