NAMPA -- The city of Nampa has reached a settlement in a wrongful termination case. Doug Strosnider, a former deputy fire chief with the city, filed the lawsuit in 2014. Strosnider will be awarded $750,000 in the agreement.

The lawsuit claimed that Strosnider was terminated because of his efforts to improve the safety measures at two apartment buildings in Nampa.

It's a story KTVB and 7 Investigates has been following since 2014.

Strosnider said that Golden Glow Towers and Landmark Towers apartment buildings did not meet fire code regulations.

He said when he served notices to those apartments, he was placed on leave, and eventually fired.

This case was scheduled to go before a jury in February of 2017.

But in July of 2016, a judge dismissed the city's attempts to have claims made by Doug Strosnider thrown out in a motion for summary judgment.

The settlement is for Doug Strosnider to receive $750,000. His attorney fees will cost about $300,000.

As part of the agreement, Nampa has agreed to remove disciplinary documents from Strosnider's personnel file, and Strosnider will not be allowed to apply for another job with the city.

Strosnider sat down with KTVB, and he said he's happy with the resolution.

"I was removed from an environment that was going to become toxic in the sense that I couldn't do my job so really it's a blessing for me to be out of that," said Strosnider.

Strosnider has moved to California where he continues to work as a firefighter. He says even though he misses Idaho, he doesn't miss the position he was in in Nampa.

"If your philosophies don't align, if a community doesn't want to keep people safe or the direction is we aren't going to do that, it's not a fit for me," said Strosnider.

Strosnider says his actions did get a fire alarm system put in to Golden Glow, but he says both buildings still need sprinkler systems.

He says in the end he's glad he stood up for what he believed was right, but wishes the safety concerns that started it all... had been fixed.

"The apology truly in my mind the apology is owed to those two apartment complexes, they are the ones living in those conditions that shouldn't be living there, so if they have an apology it should go to them, certainly not to me," said Strosnider.

The City of Nampa denied KTVB's request for an interview, but released the following statement:

The City of Nampa reached a settlement, through its insurer, Idaho Counties Risk Management Program (ICRMP), to resolve the lawsuit filed by Doug Strosnider, the former deputy fire chief with the city of Nampa, the only remaining defendant.

Back in early September, attorneys for Strosnider agreed to dismiss both Mayor Bob Henry and Fire Chief Karl Malott as named defendants.

ICRMP procured the settlement in the amount of $750,000 to limit the costs and distraction associated with lengthy litigation. The settlement amount is paid solely through ICRMP; the settlement is not paid by Nampa and does not impact the city’s operating budget or funding. Strosnider’s attorneys receive $300,000 of the $750,000 settlement.

In exchange for the settlement payment, Strosnider agrees to dismiss his lawsuit.

The city looks forward to being able to focus its efforts, time and attention on the current needs of Nampa’s community.