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Idaho water supply numbers short of average

Officials say Idaho needs a lot more snow to reach water supply goals.

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Water Supply Committee met Friday to discuss state and local reports for the upcoming water year.

The real takeaway from the meeting at the Idaho Department of Water Resources was that Idaho really needs some more snow across the state to hit the water supply goals.

As part of the early year outlook, the group, made up of several local agencies, discussed reservoir levels, reservoir storage carryover, and weather patterns.

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National Weather Service hydrologist Troy Lindquist breaks down for us what we are seeing so far this year.

“We’ve had some good periods and not so good periods,” said Lindquist. “In general, things are a little below normal as far as snowpack and precipitation across the state. We have got a lot of winter ahead of us so there is plenty of time for improvement in our water situation."

Specifically, in the Boise Basin, numbers are about 75 percent of normal.

Again, there is optimism that below average numbers could still be made up over the next few months.

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