HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) - After a night at Oaklawn Racing and Gaming most people don't expect to find a huge snake on top of truck next to their car. That's exactly what Kristi Freeman found Saturday night after her and her friends were walking through the parking lot.

She notified an Oaklawn security guard who called for back up when he saw the size of the massive snake. Kristi and her friends were quick to enter their car and left Oaklawn before having to deal with the snake any longer.

Oaklawn officials tracked down the owner of the snake. Turns out it was a man who does "educational programs" with snake. The man said he stopped by Oaklawn for a brief gambling session before heading home.

He left a window cracked for the 14-foot python snake to give it a breath of fresh air. That's when the snake, Ginger slithered its way up and out of the window opening.

Once notified the snake had escaped, the man stopped gambling and ran out to secure the safety of the snake and the Oaklawn parking lot. The man also said he has the snake as a "service pet".

Neither the police nor animal control were notified of the incident.