MERIDIAN — Over the last year or so, you may have noticed the big new building taking shape right along the interstate in Meridian.

Construction is now finished on the three-story, 94,000 square foot, $34 million privately-funded Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine or ICOM - Idaho's first medical school.

The final touches are being added right now.

The first-ever day of classes for the first-ever class of students is August 20.

There will be 162 students in that class and the school will have 77 employees.

For this Sunday morning's Viewpoint, ICOM's founding dean, Dr. Robert Hasty, gave our Doug Petcash a tour of the campus and some of the high-tech things the school will offer students.

Watch the video with this story to see a clip from that tour.

The public is invited to ICOM's ribbon-cutting ceremony on Sept. 5 at 5:15 p.m. You can also take tours that day.

Before then, you can see the rest of our ICOM tour this Sunday morning at 6:30 on Viewpoint on News Channel 7.

We'll also look how the school aims to ease the state's serious doctor shortage in the years to come, and what exactly "osteopathic" means in the first place.