CALDWELL - Another round of testing in Canyon County has found more mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus, officials said on Thursday.

The mosquitoes were found in three traps collected over the holiday weekend.

Officials say the traps were in various locations in the county: On the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge; near the Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area; and near Nampa-Caldwell Boulevard and Karcher Road.

West Nile was previously found in mosquitoes trapped along the Boise River near Rotary Pond north of Caldwell last month.

The county plans to continue its routine mosquito abatement operations throughout the district. Crews have been fogging in the areas with positive tests, and will continue through the rest of the week, starting each day at sundown.

Abatement officials say recent hot temperatures have resulted in a spike in the population of the species of mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus.

Residents are encouraged to protect themselves by wearing bug spray, draining standing water and avoiding over-irrigating their property. In addition, citizens can avoid the outdoors during dawn and dusk hours, wear long-sleeved clothing to prevent bites and install door and window screens to keep mosquitoes out.

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