On Tuesday, the Treasure Valley saw triple digit temperatures again.

Anytime there is extreme heat, it's a good reminder to never leave your kids or pets in the car.

Twenty-nine children have died in the U.S. so far this year because of overheating in the car. Two of those cases happened here in Idaho.

To drive home the perils of children in hot cars, the Meridian Fire Department held an educational event at The Village in Meridian Tuesday.

Meridian Fire displayed a thermometer that clocked in at over 100 degrees outside. Inside a Meridian Fire car, another gauge showed it was over 130 degrees.

Kids and pets can suffer serious damage after only a few minutes in the car in that heat, experts say.

To avoid that, Pam Orr with Meridian Fire says the best thing to do is just pay attention any time you get out of the car.

"Leave something in the back seat that you have to have at your destination, always be in the habit of checking the back seat whether you have your child with you or not just be in the habit of checking the back seat to make sure," said Orr.

Experts remind parents that cracking open the windows or parking in the shade really doesn't make a difference in the heat.

"Never leave your child alone in a hot car," Orr said.