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Hello Idaho: 'The Me You Can't See'

The new Apple TV original 'The Me You Can't See' focuses largely on alerting people to close the link between mind and body.

BOISE, Idaho — A new series featuring a professor from the University of Washington is focusing on the connection between mental and physical health and internal struggles that often go unnoticed. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental and physical health were treated much differently, in terms of social stigmas and treatment. Over the past year and a half, however, the idea of treating the two differently has changed as many deal with internal struggles that are unnoticed by friends, family and others.

This is the focus of the new show "The Me You Can't See," which focuses largely on alerting people to close the link between mind and body. The show is produced by and stars major names, such as Oprah and Prince Harry.

Dr. Pamela Collins, a professor at the University of Washington, has studied mental health in all areas of the world and jumped at the opportunity to contribute to the new Apple TV series after the producers asked for her expertise.

"The show conveys the message, I think really well, that healing can come through diverse avenues, that treatment can take many forms, and that it can be delivered by different kinds of providers," Collins said.

Her main objective in participating in the production is to help viewers understand how the mind and body are connected.

"Having depression and heart disease, or depression and diabetes, or depression and HIV, schizophrenia and COVID-19 can worsen the outcome of a physical health problem if the mental health problem is not addressed," Collins said. "Some people move from distress to conditions that might be diagnosable by a specialist or by a clinician."

Collins is hopeful viewers will learn that help is available, and while it is possible to slip into depression and anxiety, wellness can be achieved with proper care.

But, she says she hopes viewers will learn that while it's possible to slide toward depression and anxiety, with help, and proper care, people can also move toward wellness.

The show will be available on Apple TV.

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