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Lead found in water at Boise's Fairmont Junior High School

Testing indicated the presence of lead in some fixtures such as faucets.
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Water faucet

BOISE — The Boise School District is testing the water at more than two dozen schools following tests showing elevated levels of lead in the water at Fairmont Junior High School.

The district announced this afternoon that tests conducted last month indicated the presence of lead in some fixtures, such as faucets, at Fairmont.

Lead was not found in the water source.

All faucets and fixtures that failed testing were immediately taken out of service, and are being replaced.

Congress enacted restrictions in the lead content of faucets, pipes and other plumbing materials in 1986.

Fairmont and 27 other schools in the Boise School District were built before 1986.

In addition to testing water at those schools, the district is requiring custodians to run water at each of the schools' water fixtures each morning and afternoon to clear the lines.

Alternative water is being made available to students who choose to not use the school's drinking water.

Parents are encouraged to contact your school's principal with any questions.

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