CALDWELL — A vacant building in downtown Caldwell will soon become a unique new complex that includes both housing and health care services.

Terry Reilly Health Services announced Monday that they'll transform the original Penny Wise Drug Store on Cleveland Boulevard into a four-story complex.

A Terry Reilly clinic will make up the first floor.

The clinic will provide primary, dental and behavioral health care services.

The first floor will include exam rooms, lab, X-ray, counseling offices and more.

The three stories above the clinic will include 50 housing units for families 55 years old and older.

“We're using what is essentially the roof space of the clinic, so in many, many communities across the country you go, there's a single story clinic that's it,” said develop Bill Truax. “There's nothing else to it, you know pretty plain vanilla. But in this one we are stacking them up on top, very urban approach to doing this sort of a project."

"When you think about what allows people to be healthy it's more than what transpires within the core walls of a medical exam office, right?” said Heidi Hart, CEO, Terry Reilly Health Services. “There's only so much as we as health care providers can do. When a lot of times what impacts people's health is where they live, what they have available for food, their ability to move around in the community and so for us it's looking at what are some of the larger issues facing the Caldwell community and the people that live here that are impacting their health. We know that housing right now is a critical piece of that, there's a real housing shortage."

The announcement kicks off Terry Reilly's capital campaign to raise $1 million to remodel their portion of the project.

Groundbreaking for the complex is planned for February of 2019. It's expected to open in June 2020.