CANYON COUNTY -- The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality says a lab test shows high levels of E. coli in Lake Lowell. These levels are said to exceed state water quality standards in the lake.

They say the water sample was taken from the Lower Dam Recreation Area near Lake Lowell Picnic Park.

E. coli bacteria is found in the intestines and feces of animals and humans. If the fecal coliform bacteria is consumed, it can be harmful to humans and animals. In rare cases, an E. coli infection can be fatal. Symptoms include severe diarrhea and abdominal cramping.

Blue-green algae also continues to be present in Lake Lowell. This harmful algal bloom can also make humans and pets sick.

Anyone who plans to spend time at Lake Lowell should make note of these safety tips from Southwest District Health and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

First, don't ingest the water and wash hands after any contact with water. If you still decide to enter the water, shower after swimming or wading. Keep pets out of the water and don't feed geese or ducks.

The DEQ says they will continue to monitor the water to determine the extent of E. coli content and the source of bacteria.