If you were one of the 10,191 people who took part in FitOne earlier this fall -- St. Luke's Children's Hospital thanks you.

Today, St. Luke's FitOne donated a check for $93,000 to the children's hospital.

$25,000 of that money will go toward the Idaho Elks Children's Pavilion across the street from the existing children's hospital building.

Kathryn Beattie, the Executive Medical Director of St. Luke's Children's Services, talked about one way the pavilion will make a difference for families who use the hospital.

“Oftentimes families come there to visit multiple specialists in a day, and as a nice break, they will then be able to go up to the rooftop, where we will have a walking track of some ilk, as well as some respite and interactive spaces to keep kids occupied and enjoy their visit to the doctor," Beattie said.

Over the past five years, FitOne has raised more than $438,000 for the children's hospital, with about $100,000 going toward the children's pavilion, which is scheduled to open in early 2019.

Some of the proceeds from FitOne will also support community and school physical fitness programs for kids.