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Interactive map and timelines tracking COVID-19 numbers and trends in Idaho

See the latest COVID-19 data as we track deaths as well as confirmed, probable and recovered coronavirus cases.

BOISE, Idaho — We're continuing to post live daily updates on the coronavirus situation in Idaho while tracking the coronavirus case numbers and overall trends.

Scroll down to see our multiple graphs and timelines looking at the coronavirus case trends in Idaho.

Underneath all of the graphs and timelines, you can read about our methodology for tracking numbers and a terminology breakdown. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see it. 

Latest Idaho coronavirus numbers:

See a more detailed daily number breakdown here.

Note: The Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare will no longer update COVID-19 numbers on Sundays.

Friday's (5/7/2021) numbers:

Since the start of the pandemic:

  • 2,063 deaths
  • 151,333 confirmed cases (188,788 confirmed and probable cases)
  • 108,493 recovered (estimated)
  • 616,645 people have received a vaccine
  • 94,703 people have received only the first dose of the vaccine
  • 521,942 people have been fully vaccinated
  • 1,104,528 total doses administered

COVID-19 variants of concern in Idaho (updated weekly on Thursdays):

  • 338 Total Variants of Concern Identified
  • UK Variant: 264
  • South Africa Variant: 2
  • California Variant: 57
  • NYC Variant: 7
  • Brazil Variant: 1
  • Other Type: 7

Counties where the variants have been detected are included on our interactive map later in this story.

Scroll all the way down to see definitions of the terminology we use for recovered, confirmed, probable, etc., as well as information about how we gather this COVID-19 data.

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Timeline of COVID-19 in Idaho: 

Mouse over or tap each data point for more details. (Mobile users can tap here for a larger version).

"Probable" cases are people who have received a positive antigen test but not a lab PCR test, or people showing symptoms who had close contact with a confirmed coronavirus case, such as a member of the same household.

Timeline: New Idaho daily cases reported over the last two weeks 

Mouse over or tap each data point for more details. (Mobile users can tap here for a larger version).

This graph is updated on weekdays.

Timeline: Trend in newly reported cases over a 14-day period

Mouse over or tap each data point for more details. (Mobile users can tap here for a larger version).

This graph is updated on weekdays. 

The State of Idaho has been using the 14-day average in its tracking to determine when the state could move to the next stage of reopening.

Timeline of total COVID-19 related deaths in Idaho: 

Mouse over or tap each data point for more details. (Mobile users can tap here for a larger version).

Map of Idaho confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, deaths, and variant cases by county:

You can hover over each county to see its latest numbers. 

Year-to-year comparison of new daily cases since the first case reported in Idaho:

Mouse over or tap each data point for more details. (Mobile users can tap here for a larger version).

Timeline of total number of COVID-19 cases in Idaho and new cases reported:

Mouse over or tap each data point for more details. (Mobile users can tap here for a larger version).

How we track COVID-19 cases:

Every day, KTVB works diligently to ensure we are providing the most accurate, up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 cases in Idaho. We track our numbers the same way the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare does. However, we update our total number more frequently, meaning our numbers may not always match with the state.

Local Idaho health districts are releasing confirmed COVID-19 cases before they are submitted to the state and added to the official Idaho state total. We're adding up the state total and showing the latest total count in our real-time updates live blog and below in this article.

The state updates the number of total cases every day around 5 p.m. KTVB updates our running total once the state and local health districts have confirmed their total number of cases.

Regional health districts release updated numbers at different times than the state Department of Health and Welfare, which can sometimes cause a discrepancy in the number reported. We use the latest information reported by the state and the health districts to keep the total as updated as possible.

Some of those numbers local districts release might change if a positive case is determined to be an out of state resident - they will be added to another state's total number of cases instead of Idaho.


  • "Recoveries" are tracked by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The state says it "Is defined as the number of persons with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis who are alive 30 days post-onset (or referral date if onset is not available) based upon total cases, deaths, and any clinical info available."
  • "Confirmed" cases refer to a person who was tested for COVID-19 and tested positive.
  • "Probable" cases refer to a person who is exhibiting symptoms after coming in contact with a person who has a confirmed case. Though a probable case is not confirmed, the state will monitor the person for symptoms.
  • "Total cases" refers to the number of confirmed and probable cases combined. We will always clarify how many of the total cases are confirmed and how many are probable in our daily updates.

Here are the separate Idaho health districts we are monitoring to get the latest statewide COVID-19 case total: 

State of Idaho (this will not immediately include the latest information released by the below lower districts)

Central District Health

South Central Public Health District

Southeastern Idaho Public Health

Eastern Idaho Public Health

Panhandle Health District 

Idaho North Central District 

Southwest District Health

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