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Idaho COVID-19 vaccine trial seeking volunteers

Heather Embree, a trial volunteer from Boise who works in the healthcare field said the coronavirus trial is a way she can "help and be a part of the solution."

BOISE, Idaho — Numerous COVID-19 vaccine trials are currently underway around the world, including in the Treasure Valley.

KTVB caught up with Heather Embree, a vaccine trial volunteer who also works behind the scenes at Family Medicine Residency of Idaho.

Recently, she got an email seeking help from their COVID-19 Response Team.

"They sent a link saying there was a call for volunteers for this vaccine and I've been feeling really frustrated because I've been at home doing my work and my coworkers, my team, are out there on the front lines and there's nothing I can do to help them," Embree said. "So I saw that and thought maybe this is a way I can help and be a part of the solution."

So she put her name in for the local COVID-19 vaccine trial set to start at the end of the month.

"From what I understand they're going to give some people the vaccine and others a placebo and then they're going to monitor the antibodies in your system for the next couple of months to see how well your antibodies stay so you can fight off COVID," Embree said.

She added that it's the least she can do to help her team and the community she was born and raised in.

"Yeah, I mean this is hard, one of my co-workers lost her father at the beginning, in March, and I see what it's doing to people out there and it's frustrating not to have the skill set to go out there and help so this is a skill set I can use," Embree said.

If you are interested in taking part in the vaccine trial you can call Solaris Clinical Research in Meridian at 208-288-0123. They are looking for healthy volunteers for the trial which is set to get underway at the end of July or the beginning of August.

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