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Map and timeline counting Idaho confirmed coronavirus cases, and what we know about each death

Use our interactive map and tracker to see the latest COVID-19 spread update in Idaho.

BOISE, Idaho — Editor's note: The above Verify looks at if the loss of smell or taste could be an early indication of COVID-19. 

We're posting live updates to the coronavirus situation in Idaho (see the latest real-time updates here). 

Local health districts are releasing confirmed COVID-19 cases before they are submitted to the state and added to the official Idaho state total. We're adding up the state total and showing the latest total count in our real-time updates live blog. 

Some of those numbers local districts release might change if a positive case is determined to be an out of state resident - they will be added to another state's total number of cases instead of Idaho. 

You can also scroll down to see a timeline tracking how many cases the state had since Idaho's first confirmed coronavirus case on March 13. 

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Map of Idaho confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases:

Timeline of COVID-19 cases in Idaho: 

Timeline of total number of COVID-19 cases in Idaho and new cases reported (updated daily):

What we know about COVID-19 deaths in Idaho:

Below is what we know about each case. This list will be updated as information becomes available.

Ada County

  • On March 28, officials confirmed a second coronavirus death in Ada County. No details about that person have been released, including their age or whether they had any other health problems.
  • Central District Health announced on March 28 that a person in Ada County died from coronavirus. The victim was over 60 and had underlying health issues, officials say
  • On March 30, another Ada County resident was confirmed to have died. Information about that person's age was not immediately available.

Blaine County

  • Health officials announced the second coronavirus death on the afternoon of March 26. The victim was over the age of 80, but authorities have not said whether he had any other health issues.
  • On March 26, the Blaine County Coroner's Office and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare confirmed the first COVID-19 death in Idaho. The person who died was a man in his 60's. It's unclear whether he had any underlying health conditions.

Cassia County

  • South Central Public Health District confirmed the first coronavirus death in Cassia County on March 30. The victim was a woman over 70 who had other complicating health factors. The woman was infected by visitors to her home who were from areas with community spread.

Canyon County

  • On March 26, health officials confirmed the first coronavirus death in Canyon County. The victim was a man over the age of 70 with underlying health conditions.

Nez Perce County

  • On March 30, officials announced a second Nez Perce County death. Officials have not released further details about the person. 
  • The North Central Health District announced on March 27 that one person died in Nez Perce County. That individual was over the age of 80, and had age-related health problems, according to the district.

Twin Falls County

  • On April 3, South Central Public Health District confirmed the first COVID-19-related death in Twin Falls County. The deceased was a woman over the age of 70. She was hospitalized and had complicating health factors.

Here are the separate Idaho health districts we are monitoring to get the latest statewide COVID-19 case total: 

State of Idaho (this will not immediately include the latest information released by the below lower districts)

Central District Health

South Central Public Health District

Southeastern Idaho Public Health

Eastern Idaho Public Health

Panhandle Health District 

Idaho North Central District 

Southwest District Health

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