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Close call with bull moose in North Idaho

A Coeur d'Alene man was attacked by a bull moose after finding the animal in his barn
Credit: Idaho Fish and Game

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho Fish and Game responded to an incident outside of Coeur d'Alene involving a man who had been attacked by a bull moose on Dec. 8.

The man's step-daughter went into their barn where she encountered a moose eating hay. The moose charged her and she ran out of the barn for her safety.

The man then went into the barn and attempted to get the moose to leave. Eventually, the moose rammed him and knocked him to the ground.

“This moose did not appear to be afraid of me at all,” said the man who was recently attacked. “I could tell it was getting agitated when it lowered its ears to the back of its head,” he said.

The man pulled out a pistol and fired several shots, none of which were directed at the moose. The moose got spooked and left the barn. Fortunately, the man was not seriously injured.

Fish and Game staff confirmed that local residents had been feeding moose and other wild game.

Fish and Game staff encourage the public to never approach or attempt to feed or touch a wild animal. Moose that have been fed may lose their fear of humans which can create dangerous scenarios such as what happened on Dec. 8.

Fish and Game handle wildlife encounters on a case-by-case basis, but it's preferred that the animal leaves the area on its own since relocated the animal poses a significant risk to both the animal and people.

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