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Caldwell School Board votes to ban Ammon Bundy from school property, events

The no-trespassing order stems from a football game earlier this month at which Bundy refused to wear a mask or leave when asked by school officials and police.

BOISE, Idaho — The Caldwell School District has banned Ammon Bundy from district property and school-sponsored events.

The “no-trespassing order” stems from a football game between the Emmett Huskies and Caldwell Cougars at Caldwell High School on October 2.

Bundy came to the game to watch his sons, who play for Emmett, and refused to wear or a mask or leave the property when he was asked by school officials and police.

Bundy was not arrested but the incident ended with the football game being canceled at half-time.

Tuesday night, the Caldwell School Board voted unanimously to ban Bundy from the district's property or sponsored events for the remainder of the school year.

The vote also allows district officials to ban anyone else who violates the district's health and safety protocols.

KTVB spoke to Bundy over the phone on Monday about the proposal. He said that he would ignore the order, if passed.

In a text message, Bundy said, “I guess the next time I go to my children’s games at Caldwell I will find out. If I’m thrown out maybe I will come back with hundreds of people and they can try and throw us all out. Caldwell School District was wrong and should let it go. They actually should apologize to the players, coaches and fans, including me. Not even the Southwest District Health has mandated masks. The Caldwell Superintendent is a flaming liberal that hates people who think for themselves. She is in the process of causing more problems for the people in the direct rather than solving them. She could not get her way so like a brat, she is still throwing a fit over it. It would be best for the Caldwell School District to just let this go. But if they want to push it, then maybe all my anti mask friends and I will get season tickets to the Caldwell home games and see how that goes.”

The full language of the no trespassing order - in the form of a letter, which will be sent to Bundy - states:

This letter is an unfortunate and necessary step stemming from recent events on school property relating to the football game between Emmett and Caldwell High School and thereafter.
Pursuant to Idaho Code, it is the responsibility of the Board to take necessary actions to provide a safe environment on its properties as well as to maintain an atmosphere of respect, order, and professionalism on district premises and at school-sponsored events. Consistent with the provisions of section 33-512, Idaho Code, any conduct on district premises or at school sponsored-events that is deemed to be disruptive to the educational process or detrimental to the morals, health, safety, academic learning or discipline of students is prohibited.
Simply put, in the judgment of the Board, your recent conduct on school property, your deliberate refusal to abide by the District's health and safety measures during the COVID pandemic and refusal to comply with the directives of the school's administrators was unacceptable and put the health and safety of our students, personnel and patrons at risk. Accordingly the Board has exercised its judgment and authority to determine that your presence on school property, other than that stated below, is prohibited:
1. You may enter upon the grounds of your child's school to drop off or pick up your child to/from school or for any extra-curricular activity for which your child is participating. You shall not exit your vehicle during such events. If you need to drop off something for your child, you may drive onto the school's property, contact the school's office and then only enter into the school's office to deliver the item.
2. You are not permitted to attend any school activity or event without pre-authorization of the school's administration. You must seek pre-authorization from the school's administrative personnel at least 24 hours in advance of such attendance. If preauthorization is granted, conditions will be established and you must follow the terms of such conditions or you will be directed to leave and not return.
3. To the extent that your child(ren) is/are ever a District Student, you are permitted to attend parent teacher conferences for your child. For such events, you must contact the school's office at least 48 hours in advance to address your desire to be present and under what conditions you will be supervised. If you fail to follow such conditions, you will be directed to leave and not return.
4. To the extent that your child(ren) is/are ever a District student, all other meetings between yourself, your child's teachers or school administrators shall be scheduled in advance and held at the District's Offices.
5. To the extent that your child(ren) is/are ever a District student, you shall continue to have full access to your child's teachers, administrators and District administrators through telephone and/or email communications. However, any phone calls with any school personnel which become insulting, aggressive, threatening, abusive, use profane language or otherwise inappropriate will result in the phone call/communication being terminated, without warning.
6. In order to vote, obtain health care, obtain receipt of mail or to attend any other community meeting or event at any school or school activity; you are required to check into the school's office. However, you must solely go to the location for such purpose and not roam hallways; enter classrooms or other locations within the school.
7. Should there be any other situations not covered by this communication which would relate to your necessity of being present on school property or at a school-related activity, please contact the District Office at least 24 hours prior to such event to address pre-approval for your attendance.
8. Otherwise you are not to be present upon school property.
It is the District's expectation that the above guidelines, and this no-trespass order, be implemented through the end of this current school year, the 2020-2021 school year. If concerns continue after the conclusion of the school year, it will be the intention of the District that a meeting be scheduled between yourself and the District's Superintendent to discuss the situation and ascertain if these guidelines remain necessary and/or if a different and/or better resolution can be reached.
I feel it is also important to further advise you that should you enter upon the school's property without administrative pre-approval; school personnel will contact the school's resource officer and/or local law enforcement to remove you from the school's property. It will further be the intention of the District to pursue applicable charges against you, as appropriate.
Please do understand that we do not take this situation or your actions lightly. It is our responsibility to protect the health and welfare of our students, our staff, and our school's environment. I believe that the above steps outlined herein serve that purpose, are consistent with Idaho Law and District Policy.
Should you wish to address this matter further, please feel free to contact the Board's Clerk to schedule a meeting to take place with the Caldwell School District Board of Trustees.

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